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Endoscopy Diet

A piece of detailed advice on the endoscopy diet, including what to eat before and after the test procedure to guarantee a comfortable and successful experience, as well as a complete diet chart for endoscopy patients to ensure a speedy recovery. Endoscopy is a medical technique that is used to […]

Things Should Be Avoid During Period

The period cycle is a natural process that makes a woman capable of giving birth. So here are some things that should be avoided during the period. While there are many different approaches to the monthly or periodic issues. However, it is much more effective to discuss this issue publicly

Summer Health Tips 2020

Scorching heat, Heavy Sun-ray, yeah that’s called summer. Sweat becomes our best friend. Dehydration becomes common. Sunstroke occurs every now and then because of heat. But that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy summer. Keeping the heat beside, summer is fun! You can wear comfy clothes anytime you want. Smoothies and