How To Improve English Speaking Skills

How to Improve English Speaking Skill Quickly at Home

As English is an international language we need to learn and speak English well. It is must needed if you want to communicate with a foreigner. thats why I shared abut how to improve english speaking skill quickly at home Many of us may be expert in English grammar but when it comes to a native conversation in English, most of them are fail to do so. The way to develop fluency in English is by listening more and more and keep practicing at home in this terms.

How to improve English speaking skills quickly at home

The prerequisite of improve english skill is keep practicing, listening, reading more and more. Listening is called as the foundation for speaking. If you want to improve in English speaking skills quickly, you may follow more tips easily found in online. Some are added given below by me.

Learn Vocabulary & Sentences

The basic tips in order to improve speaking skills quickly at home you need to learn vocabulary as much as you can. You must have the ability to make sentences as well. When you learn a new word, you need to make sentences with this word within a moment. This will be helpful in the long run for conversation and communication in English.

Find a Partner For Conversation

Most important things is to find a partner with whom you can practice to speak in English. You can develop your english speaking skills quickly at home through practicing. The more you practice the more your skills will develop. So find a partner (he or she may be your friend, one of your family member, your teacher or may be your private tutor). Try to live in a place where you can easily find people who can speak English. Because of this you will be able to find opportunities to chat with your neighbors in English. You should make a habit of speaking in English with your family members because its keep the vital role to development skill. Again you can find or hire a tutor in online via skype or google who can help you to develop your speaking skills.

Develop Your Listening Skills As Well As Speaking Skills

Beside improve english speaking skill quickly at home, you need to developing your listening skills on what your partner say. If you do not listen clearly you will not able to answer accordingly. So you have to balance your listening skills with your speaking skills. During conversation you can prepare to ask questions or prepare the answer of the questions of your partner. Doing this you can be able to listen to your partner more carefully and also answer the questions to the point. Habit of asking questions will increase your speaking skills. For examples the questions may be-

What do you think about?

Why do you think so?

This types of questions are very common in communicative English. It also removes your fear of public speaking.

Record your conversation

It is a great way to get effective result from the recording of your conversation. From the recording you can find your fault. When you listen the recording, you will able to examine your own pronunciation and also notice the areas where you need to improve. You can also review your conversation in order to take notes, solve misunderstandings, to increase your vocabulary or to prepare yourself for some new questions. Listen the recording again and again to know your lacking and try to find out effective solutions for those problems.

Reading loudly

I know the question are moves around in your mind that how much important reading loudly? Actually this is a great way to practice speaking and it helps you to focus on your pronunciation. If your pronunciation becomes wrong it will not solve unless you read aloud. During reading if any of your pronunciation becomes wrong, it can be solved by someone surroundings about you who listens to your reading. Thus you can learn which is right and which is wrong. Again you can listen to your speaking through your aloud reading and can find your lack. So read loudly your study materials when your partner is not with you. This will help you to solve some of your error.

Keep yourself with the English language

Keeping yourself with the English language is another way to improve speaking skills. Keep yourself with the TV programs that are broadcasts in English. Watching English movies, cartoons, news etc. May be helpful for your listening skills. You can use subtitles for better understandings. Your pronunciation will be more accurate when you become familiar with the rhythms of English. Practice with the music listening in English and try to understand the pronunciations and meanings as well. Music is a great way to learn pronunciation easily. Listening music and singing them will also help you to learn vocabulary and phrases. Besides music, movies are also play an important role in this regards. Use subtitle while watching movies. This will help you to learn vocabulary, idioms, phrases, slang, pronunciations etc. And listening skills will be developed also. So you can use the technique of listening music and watching movies for developing your skills.

Grow your thinking ability

Grow up your thinking power in English. Sometimes speaking English become difficult because of your thinking ability (how you think about it). At first you should think in your native language then try to translate and speak in English. It will make things easier and more fun to you when you face less difficulties than before. Always try to think in English about what you are doing. When you translate your native language in English, it becomes easier for you to speak in English. So you need to grow up your ability of thinking. This will help you easily to connect between your native language and English language.

Speak with yourself while you are alone

When you are alone specially remains at home, try to talk to yourself. When you think in English you need to talk to yourself and speaking your thoughts loudly. Reading loudly will help you to correct errors and you feel more comfortable to speak in English. In this regards you can use mirror to talk to yourself. It will help to make your practice stronger. Whenever you get times, select a topic and set a few minutes as speaking time then deliver your full time (selected time) speech standing before mirror. This will help you to focus on your body language. You may feel like you are talking with others. When talking before mirror, don’t stop talking otherwise do the same thing as many time as you can. You will able to know what kinds of words and phrases or sentences trouble you. Then you can solve those problems alone.

Focus on fluency not grammar

When talking you should focus on your fluency in English. If you find anything wrong in grammatical do not worry about that. Try to speak fluently as it is the most important thing in speaking English. In speaking English, it is not necessary to correct all the sentences grammatically right. But you need to have a great command in fluency of English. Practice more and more to improve your fluency. So you should focus on fluency of English more but not in grammar.

Keeping notebook and pocket dictionary

Try to keep a notebook and a pocket dictionary with you all the time. While talk with others, you may face some new words that you may not understand. So note down the word and see the dictionary. In this way you can able to understand the speaker easily and also able to learn some new words. Again whenever you get time you can check your notebook and try to read the words aloud as if your pronunciation became clear.

Make friends (foreigner) for online chatting

Make some friends in online who can speak English fluently. Then try to talk to them regularly in online. You can use voice or video chat. Talk with them about things that are interesting to both of you for example (favorite sports, hobby, about your culture etc.). In this regards you can play online games together which give permission to voice chatting. This gives you the opportunity of practicing more.

Avoid overthinking

You should avoid overthinking about what people say about your activity. Sometimes your friends can talk something negative or can criticize you. Don’t think about that. You should do your work properly. Again you can make some silly mistakes while talking to others, then try to solve them. Further while giving any speech, sometimes audience may not hear you clearly and can criticize you. You should keep you calm at that moment. But do not overthink about that. This may harm your confidence. So it will be a good decision to avoid overthinking.

Keep Patience

Learning a second language is not an easy task. It takes a long time to learn a language. Actually it is a long process. So it is important to be patient. If you loss hope, then you will risk all of your hard works. Frustration will bring the worst possible result to you. Try to keep notebook and watch it whenever get time. It is possibly the easiest way not to be fed up. You should have faith in yourself. Grow up your confidence level. Then can keep your patience easily.

Finally I covered all the thing that i applied to improve speaking skill. As we all know that speaking is the hardest among all four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) of English language, it is not so hard task to speak in English. Home you guys understand well on how to improve english skill quickly at home. In order to do a great performance, you need to work hard and you need to become smart. Hopefully the above tips will help you.

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